Behind the Scenes at the Georgia Aquarium

In Standard by Patrick

Visiting sites when traveling, especially those that are educational and involve animals or the outdoors are really part of of our family vacations. This year was no different while visiting the south we stopped at the Georgia Aquarium. It houses tens of thousands of animals, representing several hundred species, all of which reside in 10 million US gallons of marine and fresh water, and is the largest aquarium in the western hemisphere.

This aquarium is all about getting up close and personal to ocean dwelling creatures. The viewing area is huge and you can sit there for hours watching the fish swim in there very distinctive patterns. The largest exhibit, Ocean Voyager built by Home Depot, contains 6.3 million US gallons of water and several thousand fish. It measures 284 ft × 126 ft (87 m × 38 m) and the depth ranges between 20 and 30 ft, making it the largest indoor aquatic habitat in the world.

_AQU4544-915 copy

One of the best things we did was purchase a backstage pass to allow for a behind the scenes tour. As luck would have it, we were the only ones on the tour so the guide spent additional time with us and we did not have to rush through the tour. It was very impressive to see how this massive aquarium is filtered, cleaned and maintained with thousands of pipes and special additives to ensure the animals health.

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The amount of personnel to keep this facility running smooth is incredible and they all operate like one cohesive unit to make the guests and the creatures that live there enjoy there stay. Highly recommended if you travel to Atlanta.

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