Apple iPhone 6s

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Every 2 years, right on cue, Apple unveils there new product lineup. The huge event, so secretive, often is upstaged by the leaks all over the internet about the product lineup and specs so the drama of the keynote is often a formality. Despite the predictability of the product releases, Apple’s innovation, specifically with the iPhone, is still eagerly anticipated. So why write a post about the iPhone 6s. The camera!


Apple has made a few improvements to the camera and obviously, it will not replace my DSLR, but the improvements are welcome simply from the standpoint that the iPhone is the device I have with me at all times and what I take quite a few pictures with for my BTS (behind the scenes) posts, capturing photographic ideas and how I help visualize my black and white photography. So this is a tool that is essential to my photography.

The improvements themselves are and upgrade in pixels from 8MP on the current iPone 6 to 12MP on the iPhone 6s and Panoramas up to 63MP. There is also the aspect of the new video additon. You can now record 4K video recording (3840 by 2160) at 30 fps. Not bad for a phone. One has to ask oneself, is it worth the upgrade or initial purchase? Especially at the price tags or $650 for the 4.7″ inch version and $750 for the 5.5″ inch plus version. Only you can answer that question on whether it is right for your photography.

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