Kids are fun to watch

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One of the best things about my Backyard Studio is that it is established and the birds are now comfortable building their nests and raising families. It has taken several years, but many species are now calling my backyard home and come back each year to raise the kids. This makes being a wildlife photographer so rewarding knowing that you are helping the next generation to survive and flourish.

This juvenile female Northern cardinal is a second generation that I have watched grow in my backyard over the past few months. Mom and Dad were close by, but did not hover over her. It seemed almost as if they were wanting to see what she would do on her own. Well, not one to miss a photo opportunity, I kept clicking as she seemed as curious about me as I was about her.

_PWC5362 copy

She kept cocking her head to get a better look at me and stayed there for some time before deciding she had enough and wanted to visit the feeders. It is nice to know that the parents are often comfortable with my presence around there offspring and that is a direct result of my being seen so often out there photographing.

_PWC5363 copy

Using the Nikon D4s and 300 f/4, I am able to get close enough by zooming with my feet to and they don’t get alarmed as they are no used to me being out there knowing I am not a threat. Heck, I have had chickadees land on my lens while shooting. This is great fun and I encourage photographers to try this type of shooting. It is educational and rewarding. i look forward to seeing what this lovely lady will do in the upcoming spring season. Hopefully she will set her home up here as well.

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