The Nikon Museum

In Standard by Patrick

Museums are a great place to not only view history, but to photograph history. What I enjoy aside from the history, is the challenge of the photograph. Usually the lighting is harsh fluorescent, sodium vapor or incandescent. Sure the advanced cameras can handle the lighting as most can compensate in the menu by setting the appropriate lighting scenario, but even with that, it can often be a challenge. One museum that I would really like to see is the Nikon museum in Japan.

Nikon museum 2

Nikon was established in 1917 and in two years it will celebrate its 100th anniversary. In connection with that, the new Nikon Museum will open on October 17, 2015 on the second floor of Nikon head office building in Shinagawa. Admission is free.

Nikon Museum 3

The Nikon Museum will comprise 580 m2 of exhibition space, displaying valuable Nikon products: the “NSR-1505G2A” step-and-repeat system with a movable wafer stage, approximately 450 Nikon cameras from the “Nikon Model I,” which is the first Nikon camera released in 1948, to the latest digital cameras, microscopes, measuring instruments, and others that have supported many innovations in science and industry. This is definitely on my bucket list.

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