A Flame With Color

In Standard by Patrick

It is no secret that fall is one of my favorite times of year. The magical color displays put on each year by trees standing as sentinels awaiting the palette of fall. I did not have to go very far this year to capture some of my favorite shots. Just few miles from home, in the big city is a stretch of road that only extends a few miles but brings great rewards when photographing all the autumn hues.

HinesDriveFallColor142-963 copy

The crunching of the leaves under foot, the smell of the crisp air and having leaves fall around you as the wind gently plucks them from the trees. This for me is time to just commune with nature, enjoy the photography and share the beautiful sites. With pictures and clicks to be had all around, it is no wonder that I keep coming back year after year to see what the season will share.

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