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Social media is a huge part of our digital age and almost everyone that I know is on some form of it, be ti Goolge+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or the countless others that are available. I utilize all of the above, but I think my favorite is Instagram. Mostly because it is simple, and I like simple, clean and displays the photos well allowing for some background text or explanation. I have been getting more that few questions in my inbox abut how to post better quality images on Instagram so I thought a brief post was in order on how I do it in a few simple steps. So here goes. I start in Lightroom with the picture I want.


Then I have to set the correct aspect ratio which can be done in the crop mode in Lightroom located in the develop module under the crop tool. The default will be original which is how the picture was taken and appears out of the camera.


Choose a 1×1 ratio and then move the crop to the desired position. Choose done and the crop will be applied with the correct aspect ratio. Then you can export the photo for emailing to your smart phone. Once clicking on “Export”, you can choose all the desired information like where to save it, picture size (I set the long edge to 1500px) file name and other things like watermarks if you choose to do so. I would recommend that once you get this done, you save it as preset for exporting, then it is just one click next time. Once it is in your inbox on your smartphone, simply open the Instagram app available for free here: Instagram – Instagram, Inc.


Make whatever changes you like to the photo and simple share it. That’s it! It really takes longer to type this post than to get all this done. There are other ways like utilizing Dropbox and such, but I have found this method to be super easy and simple. I am hoping that there will be an Instagram plug-in in the future that will automate all of this and direct uploads will be possible, but until then, this works fine. Hope that helps 🙂

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