Wish list for the Nikon D5

In General Stuff by Patrick

As the holidays quickly approach, thoughts turn to wish lists and for photographers, this seems never ending. With the advent of the recent rumors regarding the release of the Nikon D5, I thought I would compile my wish list for the camera. The reported specs are impressive as you would expect for what will be there next generation flagship FX camera, but alas, they are still just speculation at this point. Lets get right to the point. Here is what I would like to see:

Nikon D5 Rendition

1. 24MP / Expeed 5 (very doable)
2. Low end ISO 50 (native); High end ISO 204k
3. Bring back 1/16000 shutter (going back in time I know)
4. 15fps
5. 4k video
6. Built-in Ethernet and add built-in WiFi AC peer-to-peer
7. Price tag around $6K -$7K

Again, these are just renditions of what the final product could look like based on the speculation that it will in some ways resemble the current D4s model. The announcement is anticipated to be late this year but more likely next year.

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