Finally Snow!

In Wildlife by Patrick

Living her in the Midwest, especially in Michigan, we are no stranger to snow. Many people complain about the snow, but I for one welcome it for one reasons, photographically. Winter for me means that I can put away the softboxes and speed lights that I use to flash fill my wildlife subject because the blanket of snow is one big reflector. Snow brings many possibilities one of which is our heated bird baths. With our temperatures taking the dip below freezing, free water is a life saver, literally. Our drinking stations get hit pretty hard and along with that comes the oh so fun clicks.


Along with the common like this house finch which along with the English, song and savannah sparrows they are vacuum cleaners when it comes to food, but none the less, they are fun to photograph. Some birds are a bit camera shy and others are not. Below is Dark Eye Junco, that really only frequents my feeders in the late fall and winter. Primarily a ground feeder, they will eat from a platform feeder and have even been seen pecking away at my suet stations.


Shot with the Nikon D4s and the 300 f/4 these are just one of about 25 different species that visit our feeders each year. This is good because the number of species is up from the previous year meaning I am doing something right to draw them in. With more snow in the forecast, it is going to be a fun seasons!

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