Holidays About Town

In Standard by Patrick

Like most towns and cities, each one has there own traditions. Where I grew up, one event that everyone looked forward to was the huge light fest at the Water Treatment plant. Each year it seems the plant would add more and more lights to the display. It became so popular that the city permanently added parking spots with a 15 minute limit so people could get out take pictures or post with the lights. I have since moved away, but return each year to see what updates they may have added. I have so many photographs of this site that photographically I was wondering what there was left to do.

WaterTreatmentPlant230-982 copy

The traditional shots are like above. A straight on photo that shows the lights but is like a million other shots. Working the scene is something we all should do. Looking for different angle and perspectives. This year given its popularity, I parked somewhere I had never parkd before and immeidiately I saw my new perspective which is the first photo. The night was relatively dark, the temperature a moderate 32 degrees for me anyway, (family did not agree) and skies were looking ominous from the glow of the plant. That is the message that I wanted to convey in the picture. Hopefully you will be able to get out and shoot some Christmas lights this year.

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