Where’s the photographers Christmas List

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I have been getting a ton of emails this holiday season asking me where my Photographers Holiday wish list post is. Fair question as I have done this for the past five years. Inevitably there are those that email and thank me for the recommendations and then I have those individuals who write in to tell me they are never going to use any of that. So I have come to the conclusion that the Christmas list is something that is specific to each photographer and they are usually pretty picky when it comes what they want. For example, if you are primarily a studio shooter, then perhaps you want a rig that allows you to shoot tethered.

TTLaptopstand copy

If you are an architectural photographer that that shoots indoor and outdoor perspectives then the equipment you require is vastly different and often specialized like that of a perspective correction lens.

Nikon PCE24 copy

Or if you love communing with nature and need to get shots of specific critters perhaps for a publication or your editor, then you will require some very expensive long glass to not only get the shot but to stay safe and capture that animal in their element.

Nikon800 copy

My point is this, although I enjoy sharing the list, it only has equipment on it that I have actually used and is specific to my needs for my photography. And that is what prompted me to not post the Photographers Christmas List this year as I realized with all the feedback, photographers are picky bunch and and each will have his or her own list specific to their brand of photography. Perhaps next year reviews of gear rather than a list of recommendations would be more appropriate. Here’s wishing you a photographically Merry Christmas and a productive New Year.

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