Monitor Calibration

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This is one of the most important things photographers can do and yet it is often the most confusing. It is a real common question that I get asked and I am sure other photographers do as well. Well simply put, calibration = consistency and the ability to replicate what you see on one device to another. Many of the questions that I get have to do with how I do it. Let me first start by saying that calibration of any device does not mean that it will match a print. It really is impossible for a backlit monitor or mobile device to be equal to a print that really reflects light.


I use the i1 Display for my desktop, iPad and even on my iPhone. There is a free app called ColorTRUE that when installed on your mobile devices, it will calibrate to the same profile on your desktop for consistency. Once the device is in place, the on screen prompts walk you through each step. The first scree help you position your i1 Display properly.

xrite 1

The second step will allow you to give a custom name to your profile and lets you set reminders to remember to calibrate.

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The final step before the actual calibration process, which take a total of about 2 minutes, allows you to choose your given monitors technology and lets you set specific white points and luminescence if you choose. I use the defaults and don’t mess with any of those settings.

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The bottom line is that when I show someone a picture on my iPad, and they say that is the one that I want a print of, I don’t want to get back to the office only to find that when I call up the image on the desktop monitor it doesn’t match. I calibrate my monitor every week and my mobile devices every two weeks. It just makes sense to do this for business and in the end if you want to produce a print, have everything calibrated will make it much easier to see you hearts vision come to life and in the end that is what matters.

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