Things I wish Instagram had

In Standard by Patrick

I love Instagram and use it daily for posting and inspiration. It is the only social media platform for photographers out there. I know there are other that let you post your pics, but Twitter was late to the game and they count it against your already low 140 characters, Facebook allows pics as well but only recently started getting serious with them because of Google +. So with that said, here are some things that I would like to see added to Instagram in the future.

1. Support for tablets

Currently Instagram renders great on iPhone but when looking at it on and iPad, it runs at 2X which makes the pictures look really bad. Instagram just recently upgrades the resolution of the pictures so hopefully a tablet version is in the works.

2. Allow us to insert URL’s into the text

Now you can put a link in the text which sounds like I am contradicting myself, but the link in the text when clicked on does not take you anywhere. In fact it does not do anything other than denote a link. In this day and age with all so reliant on the web, a creative link feature wold be nice.


3. Support for desktop

As popular as Instagram is,I cannot believe they will not allow pictures to be added via the desktop and then have them synced to the iPhone. Currently the only way to do that is through a third party service.. I would imagine that these features are in the works. Other than these these features I am loving my Instagram experience.

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