Wild Lights

In Standard by Patrick

Imagine 1.5 billion lights illuminating the night. Lights strung everywhere and in different colors and shapes. Each year our local zoo hosts this fundraiser called “Wild Lights” so named because it is at the zoo and many of the light displays are in the shape of various animals. It is always held in winter and this year with the unusual weather patterns, there was cold, but no snow.

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Not all of the attractions are open as this is winter and many of the species they have at the zoo are not adaptable to cold climate. These displays that they put up are a challenge photographically. They really do this right with activities for the kids, warming stations and a central venue where hot beverages and snacks are served. There are some areas that are off limits with fences up, but for the most part, it is a great night out for the family.

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Certainly proper hand holding is must given that you are working with lower shutter speeds from the lack of light. Even with that raising the ISO is a given to get sharp images in such low light. I did bring along the tripod, but never used it. I know tripods are a must for some things, but honestly, I would rather hand hold if I can. All of these images were taken with the Nikon D4s and the 24-70mm . While out there in the blackness, it made one wonder how the new Nikon D5 would have fared.

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