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As a a kid, I loved watching history with my Dad. One of my dad’s favorite things to watch were documentaries on World War II along with all those Hollywood movies depicting war heroics. My favorites were always the movies where they talked about or showed the dogfights in the war birds. This really cemented my love of aviation and the planes that flew during that time period. So much so that I pursued my private pilots license and still love to get in the air whenever I can. Airshows that highlight war birds are to this day some of my favorite to attend.

AM6 Mitsubishi Zero

When taking statics of the aircraft, I try to challenge myself to get shots that would resemble what it might have been like when the aircraft were war ready. Of course all this depends on the light which over rides everything. Each time I train my lens on these magnificent aircraft, my imagination hearkens back to what it must have been like when these planes were standing ready to go to war.

There is definitely an art form to shooting these planes and capturing their grandeur and beauty. To think some of these aircraft actually saw combat still boggles my mind. Studying some of the industries best when it comes to shooting these planes really inspires me and pushes my photography. Shooting living history is certainly an honor and privilege.

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