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This past week, two very well respected photographers in the industry sat down on an episode of the “The Grid”, a web show produced by the Kelby Media Group in Oldsmar Florida. The photographers were Moose Peterson and Scott Kelby. Each of these photographers are very successful in their particular genres of photography and are extremely generous with there time in sharing what they have learned. Each photographer has a passion for teaching and are recognized as some of the best at what they do.

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This particular episode intrigued me as their topic was “Ten things that every photographer should stop doing”. Each one had a list and discussed there suggestions and allowed people on social media to provide their input. In watching this episode with an open mind, my first thought was I wonder why they decided on this topic. The mere title seems like it would invite criticism from photographers saying or thinking things like, They can’t tell me what I should and should not do or Why should I listen to them?. Upon watching the episode, nothing could be farther from the truth.

There careers span over decades and as such, they have learned a thing or two about being successful in the business of photography. Although not specifically said, I am sure that these same questions and topics they discussed on the show frequent their inboxes and are asked many times at speaking engagements and seminars so this is the perfect medium to talk about these things. Both frankly answered incoming questions and provided invaluable insight on very difficult questions and were very candid in their views. It was very refreshing to see to very good photographers discuss things like:

  • Overprocessing
  • Complaining about gear
  • Being angry about photography
  • Pricing your work
  • Connecting with clients
  • Why often photographers are undervalued

  • This episode was entertaining, forthright, honest and and excellent commentary on what they have found over there years of experience. In this day and age where it is often frightening to put oneself out there and tackle difficult topics, my hats off to Scott and Moose for sharing and delivering on real world advice we can all stand to listen to. Well done!

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