Do you need to upgrade?

In General Stuff by Patrick

This is a question that fills my inbox whenever new gear comes out. It can be lenses, or in this case, new camera bodies that were recently announced by both Nikon and Canon. It is a question that I always answer with a question of my own. Does this piece of gear solve a problem for you (a need), or is it just a want? Like most photographers, we would all like the latest and greatest, but the reality is, we may not need the latest body or newest lens to create great images. Take time to assess things and honestly answer the above question. If there is a genuine need for a specific piece of new gear that make your life as a photographer easier and reduces your work load, then by all means get it. If you come to the conclusion that the current body or lens you have is just fine, and the desire to have the new gear is all that is going on, you have your answer. The bottom line is that it all comes to down to you and your photography and what is needed to produce quality images for yourself or a client. Remember, will it fill a need or do you just want it for the sake of having it.

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