I’m leaving MS One Drive

In Standard by Patrick

Much to my dismay the other day, I received an email from the Microsoft OneDrive team notifying me that they are reducing their basic storage plan from 15GB, which is one of the reasons that I utilized it at all, to 5GB. More shockingly that are discontinuing the 15GB camera roll bonus. Now as a photographer, I found this a bit of a surprise. Microsoft has never endeared themselves to photographers and I am sure this is not their target market, but I did find their storage of 15GB helpful and I was using the service for certain things. Fortunately, it was not pictures or anything relevant. They are mentioning that this is a business move. That’s fine and they can do whatever they want and usually do, but it would have been nice to be consulted, surveyed, asked, emailed or something about maybe what we wanted as end users. They now only offer 50GB and 1TB as options along with their base of 5GB. The higher packages are plenty to hold what I currently have on OneDrive, but I am not going to pay Microsoft for cloud space when there are a myriad of reliable options out there that offer more for free. My leaving won’t dent their bottom line at all, but hopefully they will at least ask there customers with future projects and decisions rather than just making the assumption we will all be fine with the move.

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