Missed by a hair

In Wildlife by Patrick

Something went flashing by the window and I was not sure what it was. I went to the window only to several birds frozen in place on my feeders and in the bushes. They were motionless telling me there was a predator somewhere about, all I had to do was find it. Suddenly, from above a male Sharp-shinned hawk landed on the fence line surveying the back yard.


He flew over to one of my many perches and started looking around for the easy meal. Sharp-shinned hawks are very patient and usually will wait for something to make a mistake, flush and then it is all over as their agility and quick strike capability usually produces a kill is some form or another. Quite calculating to watch, nature never ceases to amaze me. This is one of the reasons that I have the Nikon D4s and 300 f/4 always at the ready.

SharpShinnedHawk83 copy

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