Black and Whites

In Architecture by Patrick

So I question that I get asked a lot is how do I know when to do a black and white. Valid question and one that I think has a pretty simple answer. You need to have 2 things to do a good black and white. A clean black and a clean white. You might be asking, wow, that sounds pretty simplistic and what if you have a shot in color that you want to convert. Personally for me, if again there are some areas of the photo that has a good black point and good white point, it will usually convert to a black and white fairly well. I admit that there may be some tweaking in post with individual channels to get the desired look, but for the most part, clean blacks and whites will get you to where you need to be.

DetroitZooPenguinarium394-Edit-2 copy

Having said that, there a many ways to convert to Black and White. It is such a romantic medium and I think a great fine art photographer like John Paul Caponigro nailed it with his piece on how to convert to B & W.

DetroitZooPenguinarium393-Edit-2 copy

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