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One of my fondest memories with my Dad is watching the Indianapolis 500 each Memorial Day. This sparked an overall passion for racing and to this day watching the event with my Dad is still a big deal. As a result of this love of racing, each time I have a chance to go to any race, I try to make time to attend. This past weekend was no exception and the fact that the race was in our hometown made it ever more special. The Belle Isle Grand Prix of Detroit is a challenging road course with over 13 turns and plenty of excitement when it comes to attempting to pass. The way the drivers muscle those high performance machines around curves at such great speed is a thrill to watch. Hundreds of people flock to see these races and the series does a good job of allowing access to drivers and cars in the paddock area.

BelleIsleGP422 copy

Having access to the cars while on the track is a totally different stort, at least for this road course. Unless you know somebody or have a media pass, gettinga clean picture of the indy cars on track is virtually impossible. Obviously safety comes first, but there are fences and cement barricades everywhere so even shooting from high in the stands does not afford a clean shot. The ISMS series on the other hand allows for great access to photographers. More to come on that. With the limited access during the indy race, I decided to focus on the details. I found this to be a good photographic exercise to help tell the story of the overall weekend. mtc …

BelleIsleGP519 copy

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