Nikon Lens wipes

In Gear Review by Patrick

Depending on the photography you do, finding something to keep the gear clean can be an ongoing search. I like to shoot automotive events in the summer and this can leave the gear quite messy at times. Finding something that works on the spot with efectivness has been years in the making. I was steered toward these by a recent blog post of a well known aviation and wildlife photographer and I have to say he was dead on with these wipes.

Lens wipes

These cut through anything you can throw at your lens and body. I use them on everything even my mobile phone and they just work. I was so impressed I bought two boxes of them. I can only find the 200 count on Amazon. Normal vendors did not have these. Not sure why. Funny thing about these is that the price fluctuates from &9.99 to $20.00 bucks depending on the season. Thought I would share this as it has made life out and about cleaner and easier.

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