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In a previous post I talked about the Verizon Indy Car series coming to Detroit. In addition to the main event, there were other races going on leading up to the Indy Cars. One of those was the IMSA Weathertec sports car series. Amouthful for sure, but equally great racing. This is unique in that prototype cars often run and their are thirteen different manufacturers represented which make this very interesting for bragging rights.

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What is really cool about this series is that you don’t have as many restrictions on where you can photograph the cars from. This allows for cleaner shots without obstructions which is one of the things that I don’t think Indy car does very well for photographers unless you shell out big bucks for a media pass or you have connections (which I am in the process of getting). Thie IMSA series also allows greater access to the days happenings. I like this because you can get more detail shots to tell the story.

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Closer access, within reason and safety margins allows for some shots that you cannot get for the main event. For example, pit road access is granted for the IMSA while the cars are on the grid, but not during Indy without special permission. The other neat thing is the crew and drivers know that fan base is everything and they are great with photos as long as it does not interfere with the job at hand, winning the race!

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If this fast paced style of photography appeals to you, I highly encourage you to practice and perfect your techniques with the pre-cursors to the main event. Access is usually less restrictive and great photography is to be had.

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