Loving them clouds

In Travel by Patrick

Skyscrapers, winding metal walkways and ominous weather was what we were handed on this day of sight seeing. Dark and gloomy was the order of the day. A stark contrast to the beauty that Grant Park offered. The clouds were rolling in, obscuring the buildings which gave you a sense of how tall these structure really are.

GrantPark921 copy

As the day progressed, the clouds and the weather became more ominous. I kept looking for shots that were interesting. Personally, I love weather phenomena and clouds, so when I see some that catch my eye, I have to find something to put in front of them. This twisted metal walkway fit the bill nicely. Futuristic looking, it curves all along the brick pathway and with the darker buildings in the background coupled with the clouds was perfect.

GrantPark919 copy

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