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In Gear Review by Patrick

This is something that every photographer will have a different opinion on. Ask 6 photographers which bag they like best and you will get 6 different answers. Once in a while there comes along a product all can agree upon. This is one of those products. Redesigned and better than the original MP series, the MP v2 has brought Mindshift gear into the mix and they really did great job with staying true to the original concept while incorporating the best of today. It is all about protecting the precious gear while transporting and the new MP line fits the bill.


Well thought out, durable, functional and able to hold a ton of gear, these bags will fit in any overhead compartment of commercial aircraft for peace of mind. They come in three sizes depending on your needs. From long lens to short, these bags are a great addition to any photographers gear list.

Moose-Pack1-side-by-side-3_large Moose-Pack1-side-by-side-nikon_large

Update 2.5.2022:  Line of bags discontinued but can still be found on eBay and other sites with Google search.

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