Creating print layouts in Lightroom CC

In Standard by Patrick

What photographer doesn’t want to see his or her pictures in print? Fortunately, there is a super easy and very flexible way to do this in Adobe Lightroom. If you happen to use this digital assets program to keep your inventory in order, then you have what you need to make creative layouts that can easily be printed. One of the modules in the program is called print and by clicking on this module you are taken to the section that allows you to layout whatever you want.


First thing is to choose and process the pictures that you want to include in the layout. I find it helpful to color code these so when searching through hundreds or thousands of pictures, you can easily use the attribute feature to sort and just call up the color coded pictures. Lightroom includes quite a few different templates and layouts for starters, and some of them are actually quite good for a starting point. All of these can be customized for size and shape with a simple dragging in of the top, bottom or corners


Once inside the print module you have the option of saving your work by printing to a file or actually printing a proof of the layout. All done inside the print module. The sky is the limit with your creativity and seeing your work in print is really gratifying.

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