Twitter for Photographers

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Twitter was never really a good platform for photographers IMHO. Limited to only 140 characters, and having pictures count against the total (until recently that was lifted), you did not have much room to tell your story. What twitter is great at for photographers is getting the word out on an event, course or class and when traveling getting ideas on where and what to shoot. This has been a big help on vacations.

Keeping up with happenings from your favorite photographer, group or organization wold be really a nightmare if you had to visit each site independently. With twitter you get quick succinct updates and you can peruse at your leisure if you want to visit and learn more. So what are some twitter accounts you should be linking to help better your photography and stay informed? Here are a few that you should be linked to:

Adobe LR
This is one of the most popular digital assets management systems in use today.

AdobePS   The gold standard for image editing and invaluable to photographers for post-processing.

Anything and everything Canon

NikonAnything and everything Nikon

KelbyOneEducation and training on all things photography

Nikon RumorsBreaking news with all things Nikon

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