The F/A -18 Super Hornet

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The F/A-18 Super Hornet is the Navy’s top line aircraft. This all weather fighter is a versatile attack aircraft. Coming in both a single seat and double seat models (designated as the F/A-18F model), this impressive jet is often seen at airshows around the country displaying its slow speed handling and maneuverability. The Super Hornet has an internal 20 mm M61 rotary cannon and can carry air-to-air missiles and air-to-surface weapons. Additional fuel can be carried in up to five external fuel tanks and the aircraft can be configured as an airborne tanker by adding an external air refueling system.

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Designed and initially produced by McDonnell Douglas, the Super Hornet first flew in 1995. The Super Hornet entered service with the United States Navy in 1999, replacing the Grumman F-14 Tomcat, which was retired in 2006.

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