Rewards of research

In Wildlife by Patrick

Putting in the time to read about biology seems like it might be overkill when it comes to wanting to photograph wildlife. After all, reading and researching is not going to get your subject caught on film, or will it. I think and subscribe to the philosophy that in order to get the shot, you need to know as much about the animals or birds as you can. Why is that? A very valid question and one that I get asked quite often.


Finding and photographing wildlife is no easy task at times and certainly trying to get them to come to you is often just as frustrating. Here is where the research comes into play. To get certain species to find there way in front of your lens, you will need to know basic biology. When are they going to be around? What do they eat? Do they feed early, mid-day or late? These are basic questions easily answered by research.

Once the research is done, then I usually enter into the observation phase where I actually watch the tendencies of the subject to see what they prefer to do. With birds, it is usually there flight patterns and approach to the feeders. Knowing this helps me prepare and know where to focus my lens. What might seem like something trivial to some really does increase your chances of getting the shot. Getting the shot you want is when you know that research has been rewarded.

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