My recent corporate portrait shoot

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I was recently contracted to shoot about 30 corporate portraits of staff for the purpose of updating there website. This was the fist time that I did a shoot with my Profoto B2 lights. They were great to work with and worked flawlessly.

B2 Kit

I chose to go with reflective umbrellas simply for ease of setup and making the gear lighter to carry. I had done a site visit prior to the shoot and given the space, this was the best option to ensure the light would be even.

I arrived early for setup and on this date and I was a one man band having to carry all the gear and setup by myself. One thing that was invaluable was the gaffers tape. I never leave home without it. I used this for making sure the lighting cables were secure and out of the way and pulling muslin background tight once up on the poles.

Shooting with my Nikon D5 and the Nikkor 70-200 VR 2.8 on my tripod, I used my Sekonic Flashmate 308SU to nail the exposure. I had two Profoto B2 lights on the light stands, both on the same channel, and triggered them with the Profoto AirTTL remote which allowed for total control if things would have needed to change. .


My settings ended up being 1/60 sec @ f/8 based on the reading from the light meter. I set the fill light one stop below the key light so as to fill in some of the shadows. Below is a graphic representation of how the setup looked once completed.


With all this in place, the portraits went rather quickly and the lighting never changed. The entire shoot was about 2 hours start to finish and the clients were happy with the results which is the most important thing. Only if wildlife made it this simple 🙂

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