Wonder of fall

In Standard by Patrick

One of my favorite things to do with fall color is shoot through the canopy. While trampling the crunchy leaves and seeing them gently fall around me, I like to look up, see a blue portal with the color around it and click away. This will work with any lens, but wide angle are my preference to bring in more of the canopy landscape. Here I used the Nikon 18-35 at its widest, centered myself under the blue keyhole in the leaves and went click. Often I will go both vertical and horizontal to see different perspectives and determine later which one I like best.


While walking the trails, many interesting things present themselves. This fallen decaying tree, being reclaimed by nature has a diverse ecosystem growing on it. At one point a majestic tree that towered into the canopy and now a place for the ground dwellers providing shelter and food. The fascinating circle of life and examples of how nature reclaims and reuses all things.


Although wild, animals will do what they need to do to survive. With animals, two things are a constant just like for humans, food and water. Knowing basic biology, I took various seeds with me in the attempt to lure birds to eat out of our hand. No easy task as they are leary of humans anyway, but with patience and not appearing a s threat, they came around.


My daughter desperately wanted to feed them but is easily excitable so some training was in order. She was a bit apprehensive about the birds landing on her hand so we let her use her lightweight gloves. This tufted titmouse did not seem to mind the glove and continued to come in to feed time and time again. Nature has a way a healing and the look on my daughters face was sheer delight. She cannot wait to go back again.

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