Why I need to change my DAM system

In Standard by Patrick

OK, so the title is a bit much, but my current way of handling my digital assets management even though adequate, really needs to be revamped. The biggest issue that made me realize I need a change is how long it is taking me to find images. I have redundancy, and I know my images are safe, but the organizations and simplicity could be better. Here is my current system.


Lightroom backups the catalog to the DROBO. I then have my network attached storage map this folder and from there, Dropbox is pointed to the NAS which keeps it consistent and up to date. I have duplicate copies of my catalog, but the thing is, it is not portable and both the primary and backup are at the same site. Not and optimal situation! I am realizing that I need to have my catalog with me on the road to improve workflow and efficiency. I am in the process of reworking how I store my images and will be posting about what I have done to change it. Should be a fun time!

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