2016 Holiday Gift Guide

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Well it is that time of year again! Time to turn thoughts to the photographer or creative on your list. This is our 5th annual holiday gift guide which we have hear helps some people decide on what to get that special someone. We are honored to know that this is helpful and it is what drives us to do a list each year. Realizing that there are many different budgets out there, we have some rules:


These are my self-imposed guidelines for which products make it into the guide. It’s just two rules actually. First, to be listed here they have to be products that I use myself, and that I absolutely love, and now can’t live without (well, I could live without them, but I wouldn’t want to). Second, if a product makes the guide, it has to be one I would recommend to a close friend without hesitation.


1. Stocking Stuffers
2. Great Gear Value
3. Money no object

Printing Paper

In my humble opinion, Epson makes the best paper on the market when it comes to making prints. My favorite size is 13×17. Beautiful rich color tones and perfectly reproduced details. Give the gift of print to someone on this and they will be happy.
Epson Printer Paper Link – Price $61.00


Wireless Remote

This comes in so handy when you need to capture that special moment with yourself in the frame or you want no movement in the camera and need to trip the shutter remotely. Reliable and great bargain for the price. An accessory nobody should be without.
Nikon Wireless Remote Link Price $30.00


WD My Passport Ultra HD

I have 2 of these, one primary and one backup. Weighing almost nothing at 4 ounces, my entire libraries are on these. They can travel with me and add no weight to my bag. Inexpensive piece of mind knowing your images are safe.
WD My Passport Ultra HD Link Price $49.00


Spare Battery

This one is a no brainer. Having backup power in the field is so critical. The last thing you want to have to do when out on a shoot is run out of power.
Spare battery link Price $150.00


Adobe Creative Cloud Membership

Having the right tools to work in the digital darkroom is essential and Adobe offers a whole suite of them. Access to everything that Adobe makes is invaluable. You want the best for your images and theyhave it.
Adobe Creative Cloud Link Price & 79.00


Camera Bag

Knowing you can take your longest lens with you on any commercial or commuter flight is piece of mind worth having. The MP1 V2 backpack offers just that. Designed to fit any overhead compartment on any plane, padded to protect your gear and with a ton of pockets and space. This is must have for any photographer.
MP1 V2 Backpack Link Price $349.00


Black Rapid Camera Strap

Gone are the days of carrying your camera by the neck strap that comes in the box. This strap allows for ease of access for bringing the camera up to shoot, distributes the weight evenly and always returns to the resting position. Invaluable when on a shoot or when just shooting for fun.
Black Rapid Strap Link Price $79.00


Profoto B2 250 Air TTL Kit

Recognized as the best in the business, this lighting kit produces gorgeous soft light complimenting any model or subject. Designed for portability, if you are a one man show, this is the kit to buy. Easy to use, reliable and guaranteed to fire every time, this is crucial when working in the field.
Profoto B2 Link Price $2695.00


Nikon D5 Camera Body

This pro level DSLR is one beefy camera. Capable of shooting in insanely low light, high FPS and incredible clarity, this camera is guaranteed to deliver. The flagship of Nikon this will make any photographer a happy camper when they see this under the tree.
Nikon D5 Link Price $6495.00


Synology Attached Server

Storing our images on a Networked Attached Server is so cool. Access the files anywhere in the world with apps for your tablet or smartphone. They also make versions that are fire and waterproof further providing piece of my you visual history is safe. They have redundancy with RAID and hot swappable drives.
Synology server Link Price $699.00


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