MagMod – Sweet kiss of light

In Gear Review by Patrick

Light is king when it comes to photography. Whether you are doing portraits of people, product photography, the light on landscapes and even with wildlife. For well over 5 years now I have been using the Better Beamer by Visual Echoes to extend my DoF to when using flash fill.

We have all seen those beautiful pictures of critters and birds that look like they were just dropped onto the canvas and seem to really separate from the background. That is not by accident. Adding fill light to wildlife can make all the difference. This is especially true with birds. Birds feathers are designed to reflect light. This is why the the North American Cardinal is so vividly red. What do you do if the bird is backlit? Trying to get a normal exposure can be difficult. Enter flash fill.

I have recently been made aware of another tool that is newer on the market for wildlife flash fill called the MagMod for Wildlife Kit. I am still in the testing phase, but so far I like the versatility of this product versus the Better Beamer and here’s why. With one device I can get 3 different looks. How is that possible. Unique design of the MagMod and how it can collapse allowing a more focal beam or a broader beam.

This setup is really helpful depending on the size of the subject and how focalized you would like the beam to be. The other benefit that I have found with the MagMod is the construction. It is affected by weather and wind much less that the better beamer. It also holds a bit more securely to the speedlight so there is no readjusting or fiddling with it. The better beamer has served me well, but as with any product, sometimes better things come along and so far I am really liking the MagMod.

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