Gear Review: Anker PowerPort 6 USB Hub

In Gear Review by Patrick

I get asked and emailed a lot of questions regarding photography and gear that I use. I love it and this is one of the reason that I do the blog. I love to share what I have learned from others and things that help my photography. Other than the obvious photographic gear, things need power and in today’s digital world, that usually has to do with a USB at least on one end. I have been using the adapters that came with the devices to charge but the problem that I ran into was their usually was not enough outlets. Enter the Anker PowerPort 60W 6 USB Charger.

This devices plugs into the wall outlet and voila, you instantly have 6 USB ports for charging. This is great for not only the office but on vacation. I have found this to be very fast in charging and reliable. Best of all, it is only as big as a deck of playing cards and weighs virtually nothing. This allows me peace of mind that all the things I need to help capture clicks will be ready to go when I need them. Highly recommend it.

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