So long Nikon DL series

In Standard by Patrick

When do you know when you are getting to big? Nikon answered that question earlier in the month by announcing that they were going to stop manufacturing there brand-new DL Series consisting of three “premium compact” cameras with the intention of competing with the likes of Sony’s comparable line of compact cameras. Sony’s dominant hold over the 4K compact corner of the camera market seems to have contributed to this.

Unfortunately it seems we’ll never get to stack Nikon’s cameras against the Sony RX100s of the world, because Nikon killed off the DL line without selling a single unit. Seems as if Nikon and Canon are both going to have to rely more on sales of their DSLR line as there efforts to enter the mirrorless market are lagging behind Sony and Fujifilm. Stick to what you know and do best and everything will be alright.

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