Battery Calibration

In Standard by Patrick

Do you need to calibrate your battery camera or not? Valid question. I personally have never had to calibrate as the readout for my Nikon D5 is pretty accurate regarding battery life. On the other hand, it won’t hurt to reset everything if you feel it is not reading correctly. Occasional calibration is needed to bring the battery’s internal monitor back into synch with the battery’s true charge state. Through a number of charge/discharge cycles, there is an accumulation of error, which will reduce the accuracy of the charge-state reporting. Calibration is recommended about every 30 cycles, and the camera will automatically prompt you when it thinks calibration is needed. The calibration process is very time-consuming, so you will probably want to let it run overnight. If you start with the battery mostly run down, it will complete much sooner. Necessary, you be the judge. Just something I thought I would pass along.

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