Battery Saving Tips

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Probably without a doubt the most important piece of equipment you take with you on a shoot. Our relay on the power in all types of weather and want it last as long as possible. Here are few tips that will hopefully keep your battery running strong.


Don’t Overcharge

Don’t leave your lithium ion batteries after the light shows a full charge. Take them out as soon as you can and never store them in the charger. Doing this kills the Lithium Ion cells in the battery–therefore lowering the potential longevity of its life.

Dim your LCD Screen

Dim the screen to the lowest brightness possible while still allowing you to see and read the information. LCD screens use quite a bit of battery life no matter how high quality they may be. The dimmer it is, the less energy will be pulled.

Use Live-View As Needed

Using Live View is another way of using the battery to power your LCD. Live View is extremely useful in many situations (studio, over-the-head shooting, and others) but looking through your viewfinder typically gives you a much better viewing experience.

Clean your sensors yourself

I’ve seen some photographers turn their cameras on and off over and over again just to clean their sensors. Doing this uses a lot more battery power. Instead, what you may want to do is pick up something like an Arctic Butterfly. This little brush can keep your sensor very, very clean when used in addition to your system’s self-cleaning methods.

Use and external flash

The camera powers the flash when it is in the hot-shoe, so get that flash off the camera and use a remote trigger.

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