Flash fill in wildlife photography

In Wildlife by Patrick

This is one of the most asked questions that seems to find its way into my inbox. How to use flash fill in wildlife photography? Great question and one that I don’t mid answering on reguluar basis. The reasoning behind that is all those questions that I hopefully help fellow photographers with gets me to thinking about how I can do flash fill better. Light is one of those things that is an absolute necessity for photography, it is something that I am constantly learning about, trying to refine, experimenting with and trying to become better at. Here is an example of what I am talking about. I play around with flash fill in my backyard studio all the time so hopefully when the need arises, I can, with some competency, apply it. This robin just perched on our back fence and was as interested in me as I was in him.

What is my lighting scenario? The robin is side lit from camera right and I knew this would put the most recognizable feature in shadow and that is the red breast. I quickly snapped one click without flash by overriding the TTL in my Nikon using custom setting e4.

The second click here, flash was applied to fill in the shadows on the robins breast. The difference is subtle, but I like it. Filling in the shadows makes the second click IMHO, more of a favorite than the first. Just so you can compare the two side by side to see the similarities, here is a screen shot.

Learning to see light and knowing when to apply and when not apply is an ongoing process and certainly one that I am still figuring out but that is the fun of it.

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