Nesting Season is here

In Wildlife by Patrick

I love this time of year. Love is in the air and the couples are doing some home renovations. I have about 5 nesting boxes in and around the property. I have different diameter entrances and some are for songbirds, some are for cavity nesters and others are specific to a species. It is amazing to me how each year the nesting boxes quickly get filled. Real estate is at a premium and it is usually first come first serve. The birds are usually fiercely protective of the nest and they will meticulously build so the home front is just right for the hatchlings.

Usually both parent pitch in to help build the nest, but in this particular case, only the female was doing most of the nest crafting. The male was more intent on making sure that nobody tried to muscle in on his territory.

Photographically, these guys are so used to me that they allow me the privilege of capturing them at work. We will see if this pair has any chicks in the upcoming months. Shot with my trusty Nikon D5 and 300PF lens with a TC20eIII.

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