Found my new BW Plug-in

In Travel by Patrick

It has been a while since my last post and that is because I have been traveling with the family on vacations. While traveling, this is also the first tme I have gone mobile with my new Macbook Pro processing photos and testing the new mobile workflow. You can read why I went the Macbook Pro route here. Our last stop was the beautiful upper penisula of Michigan. Ninety five percent of the states waterfalls reside in the upper peninsula so I knew that would be a huge part or my shooting. With the loss of the NIK plug-ins, I was on the search for a black and white plug-in that was comparable to the Silver Efex Pro. I relied on that for all my BW conversions. I looked at OnOne Perfect Black and White and during the trial, discovered that it seemed a bit clunky on my brand new Macbook Pro. I like the overall layout, controls, but it just seemed to load slow, even on my new 2017 machine. My search continued and that brought me to Macphun’s Tonality.

I am sure they use a different algorithm but it seemed to load much faster and I like the UI better than the OnOne interface. That is just me personally. I am sure that there are others out there that feel the opposite. I also like how Tonality has been designed with the side panels as it feels natural to me, much like Photoshop.

The list of what this powerful black and white plug-in can do is long and extensive. You can run this from Lightroom, Photoshop or as a stand alone program. Below is a list of the features that sold me and a black and white from our recent trip.

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