Waterfalls of the UP – Part One

In Landscapes by Patrick

Landscapes and phenomenons in nature are some of the most rewarding things to photograph. Unlike many other subjects, waterfalls are going anywhere and are usually pretty cooperative when getting photographed. Of course just because you want to photograph them does not mean that they will be robust and full. This depends on rainfall and run off most of the time, especially for the inland waterfalls that have to travel distances.

Memorial falls in the upper peninsula of Michigan is just a sliver of what it can be in the spring when snow melt is higher. Personally, I like the delicate manner in which it was flowing when we hiked through the trails and woods to see it. Darker stone cut away from water erosion and thick canopies from the trees above give this waterfall an almost mystical or fairy tale look. I intentionally underexposed to allow the light and the water to take center stage.

In the state of Michigan, 95% of the waterfalls are in the beautiful upper peninsula. Most of the UP as it is known by Michiganders, is forest and vastly untouched the way it is has been for centuries. Carrying the photo gear has to be comfortable and I love my Mindshift Rotation Backpacks as the hiking was often along the wall trails and narrow passes.

The rewards are so worth it! Communing with nature in all her splendor and being able to capture it in a click is one of my favorite pursuits. Here the waterfall framed by all the greenery made for the perfect frame to capture Munising falls. Higher and pumping more water than its predecessor, this did not disappoint. We covered many other falls and there is more to come …

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