Waterfalls of the UP – Part Two

In Landscapes by Patrick

In part one of the waterfalls series, I shared two falls that we visited that were somewhat of a hike to get to but worth the time. This waterfall is called Wagner falls and is maintained by the Michigan Department of Natural resources. As a result, there is a nice walkway to get to the falls and is a relatively easy trek. The challenge, as with any subject, is to try and present it from an angle that is new and not like many other shots.

This can be a challenge as you cannot cross the railings or set up anywhere to compose differently. I wanted to slow the water so this meant a tripod. Another challenge for sure as other tourists are lining up to get there shot. Patience is a virtue and one by one they drifted away after they got there photographs. I had the landing to myself and was able to get the shot that I wanted. One thing that I was always taught was to survey the scene and spend some time working the subject and to look around. This paid off. There is a lesser know flow or water that requires a bit of work to get to but made for a nice shot. Nobody else was heading for this so I had the time to get that shot I wanted. Given that is was narrow and thin, I decided to go vertical with this composition.

Next in the series is the grand daddy of all the falls, Tahquamenon.

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