Winter Gloves

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Seems like a simple title for a post, and I actually got the idea from a fellow photographer who every year runs a post on what he uses for glove when out shooting. I have to say that his recommendations are solid and I primarily use the same ones with some modifications. I wanted to share what I use as it is a common question that rolls into my inbox and rather than answer all of them individually, I thought a blog post was in order so here goes:

This pair is the Swix Star XC-100 Glove available at Amazon. Plenty of warmth for when it starts to get cold down to just below freezing. Good dexterity allowing you to operate all functions of the camera. Designed for cross country skiing they work really well.

Pair number two is the pair that I probably have on my most of the time in my jacket. The Swix Icon Universal Insulated Glove. A bit heavier than the first pair they offer plenty of warmth plus they have wind blocking layer that is killer for keeping the hands warm. Again, good dexterity allowing button function and the ability to depress the shutter. I have only found these at REI.

For those days when it gets really cold, sub-zero temps, I turn to mittens. I know there are gloves out there that are for things like ice climbing and what not, but for me I have just found the mittens to be better at keeping my hands warm. I can depress the shutter and do basic camera operations in the mittens. For this I turn to the Marmot Expedition Mittens. I have found these to be almost uncomfortably warm when wearing them but they do the job in keeping the digits warm. I have yet to find these on places like Amazon. I got mine from

So there you have it. Gloves I like to use for shooting in various conditions. They work for me and might not for you so keep searching and most of all, share what you find! It may help another photographer. Don’t let the cold temps stop you. Get out there and make some clicks.

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