Tip on speeding up Lightroom

In Tips and Tricks by Patrick

Ok, so you are shooting pictures like crazy to support telling your stories. The number of photographs in Lightroom is adding up and you start to notice that the previews are rendering a bit slower than they used to, or the edits in the develop module are taking longer to show. What’s going on? It may be that you just need to optimize the catalog. Optimize? What the heck is that? Valid question! Remember that at it’s core, Lightroom’s catalog is like a database file. And databases consistently need to be optimized where things are moved around once in a while, to help them perform better. That is basically it.

So, how do you optimize in Lightroom. Supper easy gang! Go to the menu File > Optimize Catalog and that is it. It may take a few minutes or longer, depending on the size of the catalog. You will find that after optimizing, Lightroom hums along pretty well with all actions and clicks. How often you ask? I try to hit mine once month to keep it running smooth. That’s it gang. Hope that helps.

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