5 Things Photographers should have

In Standard by Patrick

Regardless of the model camera you shoot, there are things that I have found all photographers need at some point. This would apply to mirrorless and DSLR folks. The first things is the most basic thing and that is the body and lens caps.

I know, it seems trivial, but I cannot tell you how many times this little necessity has been dropped and lost, cracked or broken and I needed a new one. I always carry extra body and lens caps.

Next is a good camera strap. Again, seems pretty obvious but I have seen photographers at workshops carrying there camera around without a strap, and by then end of the workshop, things hurt and not to mention the fatigue can really impair proper handholding technique. There are a million kinds of straps out there but here is the one that I prefer.

This one might not seem obvious to everyone, but having a good LED flashlight can come in handy for many things. Most photographers like to get shots in the early morning hours or late at night at some point regardless of genre (well maybe not a food photographer) so being able to see the LED or camera controls is a must. You don’t need a tactical light that can withstand the weight of semi rolling over it or that can light up the moon, just a waterproof dependable lightweight light.

The next one is really saved me a couple times and that is a tool kit. You would be surprised at how screws can come loose on cameras, tripods and various accessories so having a multi tool is a must in the field. I really like the one from Really Right stuff.

This comes with every tip you can imagine and because the tips store in the handle it is low profile, light weight and takes up no room in my bag.

Last thing that I feel is really an essential tool, mostly because it will save you time in post-processing in the digital darkroom is the bulb blower. Just having this to get the dirt of the lens filters or camera gear is really helpful and has saved a lot of time when processing not having to remove dust specs from hundreds of images.

Well, there you have it gang. Five things that are inexpensive and can really be a lifesaver when out shooting.

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