Adobe CC Price Increase

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Nobody likes to pay more for anything in this day and age. I received the following announcement from Adobe regarding a price increase today. I had heard rumors that Adobe might be increasing their creative cloud subscription for some time and today it was made official. Honestly, I was not all that surprised and I think the cost increase will upset some customers. I don’t necessarily like paying more even a few bucks a month, but there is really nothing else like the CC out there. I use on a daily basis most of the suites programs. Now someone has pointed out that for cost savings purposes, I could just downgrade to the photographers plan of Photoshop and Lightroom CC. A valid point, but again, I use the CC suites programs regularly to produce content and for my photography.

Price rises due to cost of inflation and new apps included in subscriptions. Adobe, like most other companies in the world, is adjusting to market forces, rising costs and expenses.Adobe

Having said that, it is hard to believe that Adobe who reported profits in excess of two billion last quarter needs to raise the price. Prices for individual users on single app plans rise from $19.99/month to $20.99/month, while the cost of all apps plans rises from $49.99/month to $52.99/month. Creative Cloud for teams plans rise in price from $69.99/month to $79.99/month. These increases are already reflected on Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription page. Adobe knew there would be questions regarding the plans and increase so they have an FAQ dedicated to addressing questions. Here is the link: Creative Cloud for Individuals

Adobe’s rationale for the price hike falls back on the argument that this is recouping the investment they have made in the cloud. Adobe CEO cites that the increases will help continue development and ensure future growth and the adjustment was necessary.

We think it reflects a lot of the value and investment that we’ve been making in Creative Cloud across the board and subscription prices hadn’t changed in five years.Adobe CEO - Shantanu Narayen

Each photographer and creative out there will have to make his/her own decision on whether the cost is justified for their needs. I am sure this won’t be the last price increase as Adobe continues to put all there efforts in the cloud base services.

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