Aviation Pack Update

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In my previous post on my aviation setup, I listed the gear I take for statics and ground to air shoots. I tried the MP-v3 bag this year in place of the Mountainsmith Lumbar pack. . Here is my report.

The bag performed well. The weather we had on the day of the airshow was not cooperative. It was overcast for the static shoots and the morning show actually got rained out. This airshow actually has a chalet or tent for an extra cost so I was able to take the gear inside during the rain, but even with that, I pulled out the rain cover to cover the photopack which fit perfectly. Once the rain stopped, the afternoon show went off without issues or further rain but the clouds were still ominous looking.

The bags compartments are easily accessible and the flaps close on their own to keep debris and dust out of the bag. I like that forward thinking aspect of the bag. The bags shape is useful as well. I pulled a chair out of the chalet to put the bag on and it became a staging station up off the ground to change lenses and rest the long lens with Nikon D5 attached on all while allowing me access to gear I needed.

Carrying the bag feels OK. Although a photopack / backpack, it is cumbersome to have as a backpack just given it’s rectangular shape. The shoulder straps are well padded and the waist belt is a godsend. I would not want to carry the MP-v3 for longer distance by just the shoulder straps. Reason being the weight of the gear pulling the bag down and even with good padding on the shoulder straps it is still quite a bit of pressure. Just carrying this bag for a 1/2 mile walk from the car to the photo staging area was a good workout.

I like the light gray coloring of the interior of the MP-v3. it makes for easy identification and finding black gear quick and easy. It did its job of protecting my long lens and allowing me to get gear to where I needed it. In retrospect, the MP-v3 is a photopack, but in my humble opinion the MP-v3 is better for what it is designed for and that is for flying and fitting in the overheads rather than backpacking or simply carrying it.

I would definitely take this bag when traveling and flying, but carrying it around at an airshow for a day is tiring. My search for the perfect aviation show setup continues.

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