Not Likely with Canon & Nikon

In Standard by Patrick

Currently, with all the buzz in photography about mirrorless and lens mounts, it was interesting to hear about the “L. mount alliance” between Leica, Panasonic and Sigma. The trio decided to come together to form an “L Mount Alliance”, standardizing their cameras and lenses on Leica’s L mount

Personally I think this is a good thing. This should allow consumers the ability to choose from many more lens choices and benefit from advances in technology shared between the three manufacturers. Another benefit is that it will promote the manufacturers to deliver the best quality glass they can and should make the price point a bit more competitive.

I don’t see this happening between two juggernauts like Nikon and Canon as advances seem a bit more proprietary between those two companies. There is always competition and all want bragging rights. “Nikon and Canon made a big deal out of their mounts saying that “bigger is better”, Sony is stuck with “Size doesn’t matter”, while the L Mount Alliance says “somewhere in between is the sweet spot”..

Having said that, Should Nikon and Canon be nervous? Anytime manufacturers get together in such a competitive market, it can obviously mean long term financial losses for who don’t want to participate. It might be something that should be looked at in the future for long term viability. Are we going to see a new partnership in response? I doubt it, but it would be interesting.

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