Did industry trends come true in 2018

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Although 2018 is still a few months away from ending officially, I wanted to revisit some industry predictions to see if they were right. Technology moves at an incredibly fast rate and every year hold the promise of ground braking advancements. Photography is no different. So lets take a look at few:

DSLR Cameras will become a niche’ market

This trend has already begun with the myriad of mirrorless cameras released this year. The venerable DSLR as a niche’ now carries a hefty price tag. New cameras ain’t cheap! Pricing is outpacing technology. Case in point, the new Nikon, AF-S Nikkor 180-400mm F/4E TC1.4 FL ED VR, just announced this year, will sell for $12,400 USD. That is the price of decent used car. Pair that with the Nikon D5 priced at $6,500 and it is quite an investment. Becoming a serious photographer just got a whole lot more expensive.

AI Becoming more intelligent

Everyday you use a device in the palm of your hand that is basically more powerful that some laptops. Your phone. When Apple released the iPhone X, they opened the door for third party developers to unlock the RAW power of the photos taken on the device. Most phones now have direct facial recognition built in. Developers are working on software that can clone unwanted objects out of the picture automatically without the use of editing software. Will we see this in the cameras of the future?

Rise of the Drones

A few years back a drone was the size of your luggage, now the are more compact. Take for example the DJI Spark. This fits in the palm of your hand and has become much more affordable to the average consumer. Taking to the skies means new avenues and perspectives for your clients, but at the same time, privacy is almost non-existent when you step outdoors. This tech has swarmed into the mainstream and the question becomes, are we going to be able to effectively moderate the advances. Time will tell.

For the most part, these predictions IMHO are coming true and I see no reason why they will not continue to evolve. I am very eager to see what 2019 holds in regards to tech advances.

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