Nikon Z7 Sensor cleaning

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I am seeing more information, and getting questions in my in-basket about the Nikon Z7 sensor and cleaning it. I am going to be up front and honest and tell you that I don’t own the Nikon Z7 mirrorless camera. I have friends that did buy one and they are perplexed on how to clean the sensor as well.

Sensor dust plagues us all wether you shoot a DSLR or Mirrorless. In my humble opinion, probably more so with the mirrorless simply because there is not the main mirror buffer in front of the sensor like the DLSR. You can see below that there is direct access to the sensor on the mirrorless without a lens on.

I may be proven incorrect on my assumption. Friends have told me that in their experiences thus far with the Z7/Z6 mirrorless cameras, the dust has not really been as big of an issue as it was with their DSLR bodies. I know they have used the “clean sensor” function in camera with some success when dust has become an issue. Currently, if you Google mirrorless sensor cleaning you get 7.920.000 hits. Some good, some bad. Always consult the manual on how to do it if you attempt it yourself.

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